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CLOCK PARTS TUMBLER "easy-clean " CPT600


cleaning machine for clocks

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New The easy-clean Clock parts tumbler CPT 600

The CPT machine has been newly developed to clean and polish clock parts. We have put 20 years of our experience in cleaning and polishing clock parts into this new machine.
To clean clock parts needed a lot of manuel work and created much dirth. The parts had unnatural looking marks on them. To avoid all this, we are glad to offer you this specially for clockmakers built machine. The CPT machine consists of two aluminum rollers driven by a maintenance free motor. Motor speed and torque is controlled electronically. Because of this, there is no gear box necessary and therefore no wear and tear. The plastic drums containing parts, ceramic pellets and cleaning fluid can be ordered in different sizes. The round shape of the plastic drums helps avoiding any fall marks. Because of the speed controll, rpm´s for the different size drums can be properly adjusted.
The use of the CPT machine is very easy and you will be surprised when you see the results.

easy-clean machine. CPT600

frame : aluminum
rollers aluminum
four ball bearings
rollers driven with two rack belts
both rollers are driven
electronically controlled

technikel dats:

total length: 805 mm
width 330 mm
rollers length 600 mm (different length on reques)
height 320 mm
rollers speed variable
motor: 220 volt /0.25 KW / for US 110 volt
cable 2 meter


 Chf. 4'500.--

plastic drum:

length: 170 mm / contents 4,5 lt.
diameter plastic drums:250 mm
oppenig diameter: 175 mm

for French movements, wheel from morber clocks, screws and smal parts.
drum lid with three screws.

Chf. 600.--

plastic drum:

length: 380 mm / contents 11 lt.
diameter plastic drums:250 mm
oppenig diameter: 175 mm

for lager clock parts.
drum lid with three screws.

Chf. 700.--

Chemical compound I M
for deburring and polishing brass


20 cl for 1 lt water

Chf. 15.-- / lt.

Chemical compound I S
for deburring and polishing steel


20 cl for 1 lt water

Chf. 15.-- / lt.

ceramik - cleaning parts:

to polish up.


white, slop cute clinder
diameter 2.5 mm / length 5 mm

Chf. 50.--/Kg.
new price Chf. 40.--