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chemical compound I M for deburring and polishing brass 1 litre
dosage: 2 cl for 1 lt water


Ortimex ultrasonic cleaning compound 1 litre.
dosage: 1 litre watering down to 20 to 30 litre


CHF. 28.--


CHF. 36.--

+shipping and handling.

 Raw metal sheet for morbier clocks, one long side with fold, light corroded, one Pair, with door locks

  Sice 1 : height 9 7/8 inch / wide 6 1/8 inch / dhickness 1 mm 


Sice 2 : height 12 5/8 inch / wide 6 2/8 inch / dhickness 1 mm

 sice one

. 43.00

$. 50.00

sice two

. 51.00

$. 60.00 

morbier clocks brackets
New Quality


lantern clock brackets

corner bracket
Bracket for Clocks

Order form with dimensions


Rods for Morbier pendulum clocks

Hardened folding flat iron with 6 mm thread and brass nut without disc.

CHF. 20.--
. 12.90

+shipping and handling.

Door Locks for Morbier clock

Metal made door locks, 10 pair.

$. 30.00

. 25,00

+ shipping and handling.

We are making the cord ourselves with our on plaiting machine.

Orderform for clock cord  

FSA - special plaited hemp cord for Morbier clock.

diameter 3 mm

+ shipping and handling.

Black wax

Black wax for Morbier clock weigths.

Rub wax on with cloth or brush and let it well dry.

After polishing it with a brush to get a silky shine.

200 gr.


CHF. 14.00
. 9.50

+ shipping and handling.


Metal polish on e oil base

Record cleans all metals harmlessly.
After application, polish with a clean dry cloth for lasting brilliance.

8.84 fl.oz

CHF. 11.00
. 7.50

+ shipping and handling.

Lead bob for Morbier clock pendulum with pendulum wire

length 175 mm.diameter 30 mm.

Model 1 - weight 235 gr.

Model 2 - weight 210 gr.

material: lead

Click the picture for larger image

The Pendulum is

available again

Chf. 45,00
US $ app. 45,00

Alarm weights for Morbier clocks

large weight app. 60 mm. / app. 160 gr.
small weight app. 45 mm. / 60 gr.
material: lead

CHF. 20.--
ca. . 16.00
app. $ 20,00
one pair

+ shipping and handling.


Counterweight for rope for lantern clocks

height app. 48 mm / weight app. 200 gr.
material: lead


copies of original weights

ca. . 20.00
app. $ 25,00
one pair

+ shipping and handling.